Cecchetti Midwest Ballet

History of The Cecchetti Council of America - Midwest Committee

The Midwest Committee was established in 1957. The three founding members shared the desire to improve the quality of teaching the art of ballet. Phillis Wills

By 1963 the Midwest Committee grew to 18 member teachers from Illinois and Indiana. They met at least six afternoons each year throughout the 1960's to study the graded syllabus, and would hold an examination day once a year for students and teachers. Sylvia Hamer, one of the first American dance teachers to receive a certificate in the Cecchetti Method, was our liaison officer from the Cecchetti Council's national committee in Michigan. She traveled to the Chicago area to teach and guide our new organization several times a year. Anida Siren Sedala

Our committee is forever grateful to our early liaison officers and guest teachers from the CCA National Committee including Sylvia Hamer, Jane Caryl Miller, Mary Ellen Cooper and Kay Bliss.

Many member teachers shared their teaching experiences, studied together, and worked for the Midwest Committee during its early years. They include Violet Strands- Brownfield, June Rold, Lee Wallace, Wanda Tommasi, Jean Bonath, Judy Fox, Polly Miska, Laura Grant, and Kerry Hubata.

Today the Midwest Committee consists of ballet teachers from the Chicago area, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin who are devoted to the pursuit of acquiring and teaching the Cecchetti Ballet Method. This group of volunteers organizes student and teacher Cecchetti workshops, awards student and teacher dance scholarships, and hosts Cecchetti syllabus exam sessions.

Pirkko Siren Lawler Member teachers of the Midwest Committee meet three times per year. Business is conducted in regard to planning the bi-annual workshops, choosing the guest teachers for the workshops, and organizing an audition class for the student scholarships. These scholarships fund tuition for several students to attend the International Cecchetti Summer School at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. Sub-committees are formed to accomplish specific tasks such as designing a website, designing t-shirts to sell, and organizing new teachers' information packets. The CCA Midwest Committee welcomes all dancers, teachers, and enthusiasts who are interested in improving the quality of teaching ballet in our area.

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