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Excellence in a Cecchetti Examination

Submitted by Karla Harris

As I was looking through my many papers involving Cecchetti ballet exams, I found some interesting and valuable material. The following phrases are taken from written material I've saved over the years.

Thoughts on practice for exams:

What are some of the values of working on an exam?

Knowing and striving for the many details required on an exam, the dancer will have an experience of great value for her/his study in other subjects as well.

Grade I Necessities

Submitted by Connie Lawrence

Posture, posture, poise and more posture are of utmost importance for Grade 1 candidates. If you haven't taught your students how to enter the room...stand in first position, with impeccable alignment, placement, turnout, posture and presence...go back to your Manual* and look, study and teach them again.

They need to be told and taught that a bun is standard protocol; that pink tights (without runs or holes), black leotards and confidence are mandatory. You can't fake technique and you're not going to fool the examiners with your personality and award-winning smile. But that's why we love it, isn't it? It's discipline, it's hard work and you can't pretend to be graceful without the time, patience and guidance from your Cecchetti ballet teacher/coach.

*Manual - A Manual of the Theory and Practice of Classical Theatrical Dancing (Cecchetti Method) by Cyril W. Beaumont and Stanislas Idzikowski

Tips for Stunning Student Exams

Submitted by Tammy Sreniawski
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